Albirr Schools offers grades from the Early Years to Primary School. Our curriculum is evolved mainly on key principles i.e., Child centered pedagogy, developing Language skills in Arabic, English and Malayalam. A special emphasis to learn Holy Qur’an, Reading and memorization and to acquire the knowledge through the stories of Holy Qur’an and prophet’s and also by memorising Hadith, Dikr and Dua. The curriculum aims at providing children with a multisensory integrated approach in learning the different concepts. In order to make the learning process lively and successful, different types of learners – Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic are made a part of the class room activity through differentiated Instruction. Formulation of curriculum and method of instruction are learner-centered. Effective learning strategies are formulated to achieve the objectives of teaching. Teachers are the key role models who not only guide the children in academics but instil values and morals in children as a mentor. We strive towards excellence in all aspects of education by adopting a holistic and dynamic curriculum and providing an emotionally safe and secure environment to all types of learners.


The school’s curriculum is designed with an integrated approach where Islamic teachings and values are imbedded across all subject areas. The curriculum is structured in such a manner that it enables students to become independent, responsible and caring members of the society. Our core teaching methodologies focus on a blend of activity based learning combined with extensive sports facilities, variety of extra-curricular activities, social and cultural events, which ensure a holistic approach to our students’ overall growth and progress.

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