Admission to pre-primary classes is given to children who have completed three and half years of age. The course is conducted as IPS-I for the first year and IPS–II for the second year and each batch includes 20 students, the maximum seats are limited to 24.

Albirr primary is the continuation of Albirr pre-school in curriculum and approach. This would help the child to reach the zenith of the motto of Albirr. Admission to primary classes in a recognised school is to those who have completed the pre-primary school after a mild screening. The intake of the class will be maximum number of 30 students and the curriculum will be prepared in according to the state/centre norms in addition to Islamic subjects and Arabic languages specially envisaged by Albirr team

Application for admission should be submitted in the prescribed form. The admission begin from 1st February every year and closes on or before May 31st of the same year.


The fee amount and structure is common in all branches. The management of every branch can only receive the fees decided by the governing body. Fees are collected in three instalments only. Any additional or extra fee will not be collected separately without the prior permission from Albirr governing body. The fee amount is revised and restructured when required.


Uniform is mandatory for both teachers and students. Teachers wear an exclusively designed purdah as uniform. Uniform is mandatory for all school functions and class room activities. There is a separate uniform for IPS-I and IPS-II students as per the rules. The logo of Albirr should be stitched on the right pocket of the shirt. Every student needs to wear an identity card with photo in the class room.

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